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Bull Fighters

Darran Robertson ,41,  from Peaster, Texas has been fighting bulls professionally for 13-14 years for Stace Smith.  Darran has done most all of Stace's rodeos that he has produced across the country.  He has been nominated for Bullfighter of the Year on 3 different occasions, and been voted as a one of the Top Five Bullfighters in the PRCA 3 times.  He has worked large rodeos in Pecos, TX, Jackson MS, Arcadia FL, Guymon, OK, Springdale, AR, San Angelo, TX, and Ogden, UT. 

Bull Fighters

Cody Emerson, 29 is from Jonesboro Arkansas and resides in Marble Falls, Texas with his wife Sierra.  He has been fighting bulls for 11 years.  He has worked for Frontier Rodeo, Silver Creek Rodeo, Universal Rodeo and Stace Smith Rodeo Company.  He was the 2012 World Champion Freestyle Bullfighter, 2012 Bucking Stock Sale Permit Champion Bullfighter, 2015 Salinas California Freestyle Champion, 2015 James Pierce Invitational IronMan Champion, and a 2017 PRCA Freestyle Bullfighting National Finals Qualifier. 

2020 Rodeo Clown Keith Isley

Keith started his rodeo career in 1972 at the age of fifteen competing in the junior rodeo division in the bareback riding and bull riding.  He also tried his hand at bullfighting.  Keith enjoyed bullfighting (protecting the cowboys) more than the competition.  That's more or less how his career as a contract performer began.  

Keith had no desire to tell jokes or perform clown acts.  Being somewhat shy, he found the large audiences intimidating.  However, after a period of time, he found that the baggy pants and make-up that he wore provided him a "comfort shield" between himself and the spectators.  Slowly but surely, he began telling jokes and performing clown acts.  

Some of his comedy routines consist of trick roping, high impact-low impact aerobic workout, various animal routines and trick riding.  Acts such as these have made it possible for Keith to make rodeo entertainment a full-time career.  His travels have taken him throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada.  His accomplishments:  PRCA Comedy Act of the Year (2013); Coors "Man in the Can" 2012, 2011); PRCA "Clown of the Year (2011); PRCA "Comedy Act of the Year" (2011).  Keith has been named PRCA's "Clown of the Year" 6 times. Bio Credit:

 Specialty Act-John Payne aka The One Arm Bandit

John Payne started in rodeo in 1987 at the 101 Wild West Rodeo in Ponca City, Oklahoma.  John says "in those days he gathered wild cattle in several states.  My slogan:  "If you can turn 'em loose, I can catch 'em."  The foundation of my rodeo career was horsemanship and the use of Blackmouth Cur dogs.  While at the rodeo in Ponca City, I witnessed an act that was low on talent.  Of course, I mouthed off to the stock contractor and he said "We'll just let you be the entertainment next year."  

My first show was in the same place the next year.  I put five Corrientte steers on top of my trailer with the aid of Blackmouth Cur dogs.  A few weeks later, Clem McSpaden hired me to go to Bushyhead, Oklahoma to perform in an 80-acre pasture at his steer roping.  There is where I received my first paycheck.  It seemed like a paid vacation after working on a ranch.  

The first year, I entertained about 90 crowds traveling with the Walt Alsbaugh Rodeo Company.  John has won the PRCA's "Specialty Act of the Year" award 12 times!

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2020 Announcer-Jeff Lee

Jeff Lee is a proud NWA native and calls Siloam Springs, AR home.
He’s quickly becoming a professional announcing voice sought after in the rodeo and equine industry. This year Jeff Lee will have the distinction of being the only PRCA announcer from Arkansas that has announced the Rodeo of the Ozarks. Oddly enough, he is probably one of the only rodeo announcers to ever have the pleasure of being requested to work on tour with the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters!
His accomplishments also include: Announcing the World’s Richest Barrel Racing Futurity, The Old Fort Days Barrel Racing Futurity and Derby, voiced the ABBI/PBR American Heritage in Guthrie, OK and is an announcer for the World’s Largest and Richest Youth Rodeo located in Shawnee, OK.