Grand Entry  Information

 Grand Entry Information

 All riding clubs and individual riders are invited to participate in the Grand Entry at each performance of the Rodeo.

  • No stallions are allowed in the Grand Entry

  •  Riding double is not allowed

  •  Participants must be in appropriate attire (western hat, long sleeve shirt, jeans, etc)

  •  No ponies and no one 12 or under may participate in the Big Grand Entry

There is a Junior Grand Entry for children ages 12 and under. Children and ponies will only be allowed in the Junior Grand Entry which begins at 7:15 pm.

Participants in the Grand Entry will be given one (1) complimentary ticket for that performance on the Rodeo.


Since July 1st, 2001, Act 1306 passed by the 1997 Arkansas General Assembly regarding Equine Infectious Anemia requires all horse that enter our grounds or participate in any event sponsored by us (Parade and Grand Entry) to have and to present current negative Coggins papers for inspection by verifiers before entering our property or before participating in any event we sponsor.

Your negative Coggins papers must be originals or certified copies, must be carried with you at all times, and must be current (within last 12 months.)

The Rodeo Board of Directors appreciates your cooperation and patience.